Bespoke Ordering

To order a Bespoke Service all you have to do is simply choose which product you would like, then follow these six easy steps:

1. Take your drawings to your nearest retailer who will fax them to Roman. For your nearest retailer contact Roman
Customer Relations on 01325 328033 or visit
2. Roman will then send a quotation to your retailer for them to discuss with you
3. If you are happy with this quotation Roman will produce a drawing to illustrate what your final product will look
like. Note: Roman will make all drawings in accordance to your measurements and unless otherwise requested, an
adjustment allowance will be included. Please specify your adjustment allowance prior to ordering.
4. Roman will then fax the drawing to your retailer who will pass this on to you. This drawing will be in the form of a
fax back agreement for you to sign*.
5. Once Roman receives the agreement work will begin on your product.
6. You will receive your product within 5-6 weeks.

*Once this agreement is signed you will be liable for any changes should you cancel your order.