100% of Roman aluminium
is recycled before use
100% of
Roman brass is recycled before use
80% of
Roman glass
is recycled before use
100% of Roman packaging
is recycled before use
93% of
all waste
is recycled
All Roman products
can be easily
recycled at end of life


Shower Trays and Basins are made from Roman Stone which is manufactured using natural materials – mostly recycled stone and resin. Roman Stone is easily recycled at it’s end of life and can be reground and reused back at it’s original value and purpose.

Carbon Neutral

Roman achieved carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Trust in 2021. Roman have achieved certification to cover Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Audits, measurement and ongoing Carbon reduction are embedded into all activity

Circular Economy

Circular economy principles are embedded throughout Roman’s supply chain which entirely focuses upon very high levels of recycling before and after the life of the product. All Roman products are manufactured from recycled materials All Roman Products can be easily recycled at end of life End of life materials can be used again for production at their original value


Roman is a committed member of the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are embedded in all processes.