High Ranking Roman

11th August 2015

High Ranking Roman

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, is building on their already successful website by updating it with the latest features and technology, aiming to provide a supreme user friendly website experience.

Roman’s new look website with latest technology and trends has been launched today, along with the corresponding mobile website version. The leading shower manufacturer’s website has a brand new layout, design and use of new technology to ensure they provide the most user friendly experience possible.

The colours, images and design that have been implemented are fully consistent with their new brochures, POS and all new literature Roman distribute. Each Roman Range has its own dedicated colour, which has been applied to the website, to make it easy for the user to distinguish what range they are looking for. Every section on the website has been looked at and updated to achieve a fresh new look and easy navigational system, whilst also presenting as much detailed information as possible.

Roman’s unique “water people” have been used on the website, the “water woman” is featured on the homepage banner and they are used throughout all of Roman’s new literature. The banner on their homepage has video integrated, which is visually interesting for all visitors to the site.

Roman’s homepage is designed with a story telling layout, which cleverly guides the user around the site, helping them to find what they are looking for with speed and ease. A ‘back to top’ arrow has been used at the bottom of every page to also enhance user ability, so they don’t have to waste time scrolling all the way back to the top of the page.

A new search facility has been added to the site, which expands to the width of the page when clicked on and accurately finds products for key words entered, to increase searching speed for the user. All online forms have been updated to ensure complete user friendliness is achieved, making the process quick and easy for the user.

The mobile website view of the Roman website has been re-designed and updated to make usability as simple and as straight forward as possible. Only key links and messages are displayed on the homepage to help direct the user to what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. The navigation menu slides out from the right hand side of the screen, instead of the left to make it easier to operate and navigate around the Roman website whilst holding the phone.

Their website displays all accreditations such as their CE mark, BSI logos and Made in Britain and membership logos such as the BCFA, BMF and BMA on a scrolling banner.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “We have always had a successful website but we want Roman to stay ahead, we are acutely aware of the advances in website technology design and need to make sure we are as prominent in our website as we are with our products and services.”

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