Roman Create Water Labels

11th December 2012

Roman Create Water Labels

Leading UK shower manufacturer, Roman Limited, have developed some ‘water labels’ for their showroom displays, to indicate their range of Shower Valves [are all officially accredited as part of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association’s Water Label Scheme.

Roman has been an early backer of the BMA’s Water Label and put their range of 17 Showerheads through the scheme as soon as they launched. Roman is now keen to publicise even further the water saving element of their shower heads to the end user, as well as making sure showroom staff are also aware of this benefit.

All Roman’s Thermostatic Showerheads incorporate flow regulators that when used, give a water saving of up to 60%. Roman includes these as an option that can be switched on at point of installation, so that if consumers have a low pressure system, they can install the showerheads without these switched on.

All Roman’s valves carry an 8 or 10 litre per minute rating. The labels developed by the manufacturer for their displays, indicates the specifics about how many litres of water per minute that particular model uses. Then the reverse of the label includes details of the Water Label Scheme.

The BMA originally launched the Water Label Scheme back in 2007. The aim of the Scheme is to help you easily identify water efficient products that when installed and used correctly, use less water than other products available on the market. More recently it has gone through a rebrand to try and make it easier for end users and those in the industry to understand.

Consumers, retailers, designers and architects can visit the dedicated BMA Water Label website, to easily find all the products that are registered with the scheme. There are currently over 2200 products registered on the scheme and many of these are already on display and stocked by retailers across the UK.

David Osborne, Managing Director at Roman, comments: “Water saving is something that we should all be thinking about, not only in terms of doing our bit for the environment, but also because it can help us save money. As our energy bills are ever increasing, one way to bring these bills down is by reducing the amount of heated water we use in the home. That is where water efficient shower heads can be so important. Research shows that although consumers will not pay a premium price for an eco-product, where the price is comparable, they will go for the eco-friendly option. Therefore this is something we are very keen to highlight to consumers about our own range of Showerheads. The addition of our ‘water label’ to displays is a great way to do this.”

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