Second Wave from Roman

07th August 2015

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has introduced a new larger size for their Lumin8 Wave Walk-In Shower Enclosure, which is inclusively designed and has market leading looks.

The Lumin8 Wave Walk-in will make a beautiful style statement in any bathroom, with its stunning curves. It was first launched in a 1200mm size, which makes it a key space saving product and ideal for the smaller bathroom. The Wave has now been launched in the new size of 1400mm, providing a greater aperture for easy access and a luxurious showering area.

It incorporates two curved panels; one fixed and one inward moving panel. The inward moving panel can be stowed inside the curve of the fixed panel when entering the enclosure, presenting a large and comfortable access area. It can then be smoothly folded out to be in line with the fixed panel to increase water integrity and keep the water in the showering area. To further increase the water integrity of the product there is an added minimalist clear PVC bottom seal on the moving panel.

The enclosure incorporates 25mm of adjustment, which provides greater flexibility when installing the Walk-in. It stands at 1950mm high and features 8mm thick toughened glass and is completed with an optional chrome brass bracing bar for additional support. It has its own dedicated Shower Tray, which is manufactured from Roman Stone using Solid Surface Technology at their Tray Pant in the North East. The tray is designed with an incline in the Solid Surface tray to allow the moving panel to be stowed without touching the fixed curved panel and when the moving panel is moved to the open position the slope of the tray ensures that the panel stays in the open position. The dedicated Shower Tray is available in a white matt or gloss finish and also unique shimmer finishes in grey, white and black for a touch of sparkle. The step up into the showering area is eliminated with the low level Shower Tray, so it offers level entry access, making it ideal for the entire family.

The Lumin8 Wave Walk-In, is perfect as an inclusive product for the whole family to use due to its wide and easy access into and out of the showering area; there are no handles to operate (in place of a handle is a minimalist finger pull hole cut into the glass in the handle location) and low level or level access is available. This product presents both a unique stylish look and has all the inclusivity practicalities.

The Wave Walk-in is pre-coated with Roman Ultra Care, Roman’s unique glass protection system, which promotes easy cleaning and lasting clarity and sparkle of the glass. It also carries, like all Roman Shower Enclosures; Roman’s service backed Truelife Lifetime Guarantee.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “Our 1200mm Wave Walk-In is already a very successful product in the marketplace and we are delighted to be introducing the new larger 1400mm size. This is a truly unique product incorporating key elements of inclusivity and style.”

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