The Space Race

23rd February 2015

The Space Race

With the average UK bathroom getting smaller, you have to squeeze your bathroom products and furniture into even smaller and tighter spaces than ever. This proves very difficult when planning your bathroom layout to ensure all available space is maximised to its full potential and includes all the essential bathroom products. Designers and Manufacturers of bathroom product are always looking for new and innovative ways to get round this issue of space.

When choosing a space saving enclosure, Roman advise that rather than focusing on the space you don’t have, it’s important to think about the space you do have and how can it be used in the most effective way so that the biggest showering space that is possible, is presented. Key considerations are the size of the room itself and the location of other bathroom furniture, fixtures, doors and windows. It is important to understand the space saving benefits of the enclosures and how exactly they can work in different bathroom layouts.

It is vital that you think about what kind of shower enclosure to install, and that you are always aware of the obstruction other bathroom furniture can pose. You should look to choose an enclosure which will maximise the available space. The ultimate space saving shower enclosure is Roman’s Trapezium. The Trapezium Enclosure is a definitive bathroom statement piece and offers the ultimate in flexibility when considering small bathroom design.

The Trapezium Enclosure is an ideal showering solution for small bathrooms restricted by a window frame, door frame, or other bathroom furniture. Many small bathrooms feature a bath with a window above one end preventing the installation of a bath screen or the replacement of the bath by a shower enclosure. The unique and cleverly angled design fits perfectly around bathroom restrictions that may limit the installation of a shower, but still allows access to the window.

This extremely flexible product can be easily installed to a number of configurations depending on the bathroom layout and design. The Trapezium Enclosure features an inward opening bi-fold door which cleverly avoids projection into the bathroom – maximising the overall showering space. The door can be positioned in the centre of the enclosure, or alternatively the door can be positioned at either side of the enclosure depending on which angle access into the enclosure can be best obtained from.

If you only have one bathroom in your property and you don’t want to sacrifice your bath or if the space is truly too restrictive for both a separate bath and shower enclosure, you can now choose a stylish bath screen. With stylish power shower approved bath screens available, you no longer need to compromise on style and performance when opting to install an over bath shower. A perfect example is Roman’s Orbital Outward Folding Bath Screen, which features minimalist framing for a designer look. It is specifically designed to work around existing fittings and fixtures, with its one fixed panel and one outward opening panel, which stops at 90 degrees. It is power shower approved so you don’t have to compromise on shower performance, just because you are showering over the bath.

So no matter what your bathroom shape or size, and whether you are looking for something contemporary, or prefer a more traditional look, adding a showering facility is easier than you might have first thought. There are many options available, so you are guaranteed to find something that will work perfectly for you and your bathroom space.

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