The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning and Restoration Kit from Roman

07th August 2013

The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning and Restoration Kit from Roman

Leading UK shower manufacturer and designer, Roman Limited, has added a Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit to their range, which joins their award winning Ultra Care glass protection system.

The Bathroom Restoration Kit is designed to bring tired bathroom suites back to life, as well as adding protection to the bathroom surfaces, which makes cleaning easier on-going. The 3 part bathroom cleaning kit includes; Ultra Scrub, a Surface Stain Cleanser; Ultra Shield Glass and Surface Treatment and a starter bottle of their popular Ultra Care.

The Ultra Scrub has been designed to be used first, in the three step process and it will cleanse the bathroom surfaces and remove the build-up of minerals, rust, soaps, oils and limescale, without damaging surfaces.

This is then followed with a coating of Ultra Shield. Created using the same formula as Roman’s pre-coated glass protection, the Ultra Shield creates a water, soil and stain repellent barrier, to make cleaning your bathroom surfaces easier.

The Kit then also includes a starter bottle of Roman’s award winning Ultra Care. which will top up the Ultra Shield on a weekly basis as part of your cleaning routine, to maintain its effectiveness.

The Cleaning and Restoration Kit is an ideal add on sale for retailers and as such, the kit will be presented with the option of a counter-top display.

The Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit has been designed so it is kind to the environment. The use of the kit can eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals during the cleaning of your bathroom, as well as reducing the amount of water required for cleaning. All 3 parts are made from biodegradable materials and contain no harsh chemicals or parabens.
The use of the 3 step system can significantly reduce the time required to clean and maintain the bathroom as it prevents soap, scum and limescale build-up.

Roman Ultra Care won the Gold Award for Best Cleaning Product at the House Beautiful Awards.

David Osborne, Managing Director at Roman, commented: “Our Ultra Care Glass Protection System has been extremely popular since we launched it many years ago. This prompted us to develop a more robust glass protection system, which would not only create a stain resistant barrier, but that would also deeply cleanse bathroom surfaces prior to the barrier being applied, to help restore your bathroom space. All Roman products are provided with Ultra Care Pre-coated Glass Protection as standard, but now with our new Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit, you can give the rest of the bathroom surfaces the same protection, making them easier to clean and keeping them looking newer for longer.”